4 Tips for Spiritual Growth Through Meditation

If you want to experience spiritual growth, you really should start meditating because it really is the main thing that can help you grow spiritually and become closer to God and yourself.

Not only this, but if you get your friends and family into meditating, you can become closer to them too which can make you all so much happier. Here are four tips for spiritual growth through meditation.

Meditate at Least Twice Per Day

If you can start out by meditating for 15 minutes per session and do two sessions per day, you will start to relax more and become closer to God as well. This is because you will be a happier person overall and will start to see things in a better light.

Having trouble finding the time to meditate? Try these suggestions:

– Meditate before your shower

– Meditate before bed

– Meditate in a parking lot in the car

– Meditate under a tree on your lunch break

There is always a time and place for meditation. You will just have to find those small moments throughout the day where you can meditate.

Increase Your Meditation Lengths

Starting out meditating for 15 minutes per session is good for beginners. However, if you want to spiritually grow with it, you will want to do it for longer periods of time.

You can meditate for longer periods of time by focusing longer, breathing deeper, and being perfectly still when meditating.

To help you do this, you might want to set small goals in the following order:

– 15 minutes for a week

– 20 minutes for two week

– 30 minutes at a time for two weeks

– 45 minutes for a time for three weeks

This will help you grow spiritually, relax even more because the stress will melt away, and make you happier and more peaceful overall.

This can also prolong your life.

Concentrate On an Object Longer When Meditating

Concentrating on an object when meditating can help you grow spiritually because it can make your meditation last much longer.

You can use a candle flame to focus on for a longer period of time. Once you learn how to do this, you will be hooked and will want to do this more often which can increase your spiritual growth even more.

Use the Walking Meditation Technique

The walking meditation technique is meditation while walking. What you need to do here walk slowly starting out and then increase it to a medium pace as you walk. Concentrate on your feet as you walk.

This means you should know when your toes lift off the ground, when your feet start going back to the ground and when your toes get back to the ground. Keep concentrating on your feet when walking and start doing deep breathing exercises. This not only helps you meditate better, grow spiritually, but will also provide you with your daily exercise, which can improve your health too.

By using the tips above, you can grow spiritually and increase your happiness, health, and prolong your life all at the same time.

Start meditating today to become closer with God. This video will help you get started.