Law of Attraction

Celebs and the Law of Attraction

Celebrities have been known to talk about and utilize the ideas of the Law of Attraction, and this is famously known in the movie The Secret. Some celebrities claim that their wealth and success is the direct result of implementing the ideas of the Law of Attraction, and that the Law is powerful and has real implications. This gives a lot more weight to the ideas of the Law of Attraction, as famous people are trusted and admired, and with the various celebrity stories and endorsements of the Law, a lot of people have become excited about the possibilities for the Law in their own lives.

Oprah, Will Smith, Lady Gaga and others have said that the Law has worked for them

Celebrities like Will Smith and Oprah have touted the ideas behind the Law of Attraction for years. Other celebrities have mentioned that the Law’s ideas have helped them become successful. Musical duo LMFAO had an interview where they mentioned how their career success had a lot to do with the ideas of the Law. They also mentioned that there wasn’t necessarily a mystical element to the Law, but rather that its practices of being conscious of what you want end up letting you see the opportunities that are in front of you.

Celebrities often have their own versions of the Law of Attraction

It shouldn’t be said that every celebrity has the same idea about the Law of Attraction. Some celebrities believe that the Law only works in certain ways, or that certain parts of it are more effective and real than others. Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked about how visualizing success, believing in the power of the mind and the will, and believing and seeing your success happen can make a major difference in your results. He mentioned that the mind is what makes the most difference from one person to another in any competitive effort. He mentions, “if you do not believe it and don’t see it, who else will?”

Oprah popularized The Secret

Oprah is really the main celebrity that popularized the ideas of the Law of Attraction in modern society. Celebrities may have been using the idea for their own success prior to this, but it wasn’t widely known. The Secret is the book and movie that really released the ideas to the public, and created the community and modern business that surrounds the Law of Attraction. Its ideas have proven to be popular among the public, and with many newer celebrities like Lady Gaga and others talking about the power of self-belief, will, determination, and positive thinking, the Law of Attraction will continue to remain an important part of modern culture.